Sunday, May 1, 2011


I love Easter!! I cannot wait to have kids to teach them the meaning of Easter and do all the fun things like decorate, dye eggs, bake fun things and Easter egg hunt! Since that will be quite a while away, I try to do as much of the fun stuff on my own and with my nieces.

This year, Ben and I went to church on Saturday night and headed to Dallas Sunday morning for Easter with my family. My family has done Easter at my oldest sister's house with her husband's family for the past 4 years now. He has a lot of little kids in his family, so we get to have a great big Easter egg hunt. I decided I would contribute something fun and very "Easter-y" to the big meal and after I saw Cait's cute nests I knew exactly what I would take.

These adorable Easter Nests were a huge hit! I secretly wish I still had leftovers. I ended up covering the Chow Mein noodles in peanut butter chips and chocolate chips. The peanut butter ones were my favorite! The eggs were either peanut M&M's or Reeses Pieces in the fun Easter colors. I will definitely be making these again! 

After having lunch, we had our annual Easter egg hunt. Here are some action shots...

Apparently I really wanted Annie to win! 

Go Andrew Go! 

Charlotte's 1st Easter!! (held by Aunt Christie & Uncle Taylor) 

How cute is her Easter basket?!

Lookin' a little greasy from the humidity...oh well!

After the Easter egg hunt and helping the little ones count their eggs/candy, Ben and I headed back to Flower Mound to freshen up and change before going to Denton for Easter with his family. 

I was asked to make my Nutella brownies and Ben is generally the "grill master," so we got over there a little early to get everything started. I do NOT know why we didn't take any pictures, but dinner was delicious. Everything was good, but the star of the show was the pretzel rolls!! We are OBSESSED with the pretzel rolls at Spago in Bachelor Gulch and are so happy we have finally replicated them! I have a feeling these will show up at a lot of family meals. 

We had a great Easter this year! Ben and I were talking about how much we love Easter and Ben brought up the fact that Easter should be a much more celebrated holiday. I agree!! Think about how celebrated Christmas is. Why is Easter not more celebrated when it is the day that our Savior rose from the grave and the reason we have the hope of eternal life? If you ask me, it is a pretty important day and I cannot even express how thankful I am for such an extraordinary, selfless gift. I'm so glad I got to share the day with so many great people and rejoice in the gift we've been given. Happy late Easter!!