Friday, September 30, 2011

Daily Dose of Sweet

I still owe everyone a post on why I've been so preoccupied the past couple of months and I intend to get that up by Sunday. I promise! Right now I'm working on getting all the pictures together from 2 different cameras and 2 different iPhones. We were a little unorganized (still are) during the preoccupation (is this a word?). Just so you know that we (Ben and I) are still alive and well, here's a pic of us at the playoffs of the Grand Prairie Air Hogs reppin' Baylor. The playoffs happened to be the same night Baylor played TCU and they both won at the EXACT same time! It was a fabulous night!!

Sic 'em Bears and Go Airhogs! 
(Sidenote: the Airhogs went on to win the league and are the CHAMPIONS!)

You may be wondering what the heck the title of this post has to do with the above. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! What this post is dedicated to is my sweet and talented sister, Christie. Oh look, there she is now!

Christie and her talented photographer husband, Taylor

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been slammed at work. We have had a few big events that I've been working on, one including 22 people from out of town staying at by boss's house. Can you say Cah-ray-zay?!?! This particular event included making gift bags for each visitor as well as making sure we had a cake for the dinner going on the night they arrived. Lets just be completely honest and say that these two things didn't really get put on my "crucial" list until a couple weeks before the event. With everything else going on, aka trying to figure out where everyone would sleep and arranging how they would get from Indiana to Dallas, the airport to the house, the house to the office and the office to Austin, I just hadn't really thought about it. 

Of course, we wanted to give everyone a big Texas welcome with fabulous gift bags that had a Texas theme. Lets just say that most of the Texas trinkets and gifts out there are a little cheesy and quite frankly, junk. Things were kind of getting down to the wire and I needed something fast. I have no idea how it escaped my mind (oh yes, I do, did you see the list above?!), but I finally thought of cookies in the shape of a boot or Texas. This is where my sister enters the picture --- 

Christie is an amazing baker. You can check out her blog over at Not only does everything she makes taste incredible, she is an absolute perfectionist and everything she does looks incredible too. Immediately, there was no question in my mind, if she could, she was doing the cookies. Thank the good Lord that she is such a sweet sister because with only about a weeks notice, she said YES to doing the cookies (2 each for 24 people) and a cake to feed 50 for the party. SHE IS AMAZING! 

The best part about asking Christie for help is that I never have to think twice about her work. I knew I would pick everything up and absolutely love it! These are the directions I gave her: 

Cookies: shaped like a boot, decorated like a boot 
Cake: Snickerdoodle to feed 40-50, just write Keller Williams welcomes Southern Indiana, you can just write it. 

And this is what she presented me!

Then, as my boss was eating the leftover cake for breakfast the next morning, she asked me to get a cake for a party they were having the next Thursday at their house. Again, with very little notice, my sister did a fabulous job! 

What can I say?? I love her!! Saves my butt and does amazing work!! Clearly I am no photographer and these are all iPhone pictures, so mosey on over to her blog and check out her fabulous work and her husband's fabulous pictures of it! Love you, Chris! 

Ps - here are a couple of other things she has done. One for a baby shower and the other for our Papaw's 80th birthday party.