Friday, November 23, 2012

Back from the Dead (Happier Than Ever)

Almost three months since my last post...WOW!! Isn't a blog supposed to keep people updated on life?! Apparently I have failed there. My sincerest apologies.

In all honesty, the last three months have been a total blur. I have had the entire week off for Thanksgiving and still could not believe that it was already Thanksgiving Break. Volleyball season definitely made things absolutely fly by. They say time flies when you're having fun and I can say that the statement is absolutely, positively true.

They told us, the first year teachers, not to pack our weekends full of stuff during our first year. Tell that to all of our friends getting married and all of the events going on in town or through Ben's company. My schedule has been completely booked and I have been completely exhausted!

Lets start with my new job - aka my dream job.

My first game - I can't believe it's over
Although my week nights were booked - Monday for 7th grade (3 games), Tuesday working high school games and Thursday for 8th grade (2 games) - I loved coaching my girls. It was incredible seeing them improve from the beginning of the season to the end and falling more and more in love with the game. It is true what they say - coaches develop a special relationship with their athletes/students. I have had to limit lunches in my room to once a week, but I won't lie I love that my girls come to my room to eat with me. Or that they wait to walk down to the gym with me after class. There hasn't been a day yet that has been so bad it hasn't turned around once I walk into the gym. Playing volleyball or running with them at the end of the day doesn't hurt either! 

Now for classroom is filled with rambunctious boys the majority of my day. They say girls like to talk, well boys LOVE to talk. There are definitely days that I want to pull my hair out, but I still love being in the classroom. I won't lie, the classroom aspect was tough to get a handle on during volleyball season. The majority of my time was spent in the gym or at games, which didn't leave for a lot of lesson planning time. All grading and lesson planning was done at home, so my days were super long. Thankfully, I am at an incredible school with incredible teachers. My partner teacher(s) have been a ginormous help. I am getting a handle on lesson planning thanks to them and just like coaching, love to see my students "get it." 

Just when I thought I was completely failing my students - this feeling crept in quite a bit due to feeling very unprepared most days - we had a pep rally and at the end our Vice Principal announced the Teacher of the Month for both September and October. I was completely surprised when he announced my name for October. Yes, I cried. It totally gave me a new perspective and renewed my energy in the classroom. 

Moral of the story: I LOVE MY JOB!! I am exactly where I should be and am unbelievably thankful to finally be doing what I know I should have been doing all along. 

Other happenings in the Clark family - weddings, volleyball tournaments, baby showers, Cattle Baron's Ball, birthdays, engagements, company parties, Baylor Homecoming and trying to get together with our families plus have a little time to ourselves in between. Ben also started his own real estate company on top of everything, so needless to say, we are in a season that is very busy, but full of joy and excitement at the same time. Our lives are full and I am enjoying every minute! 

Cattle Baron's Ball 
Opening Day of Dove Season
Yes, my husband is fabulous and took me to see Twilight! 

Coaches at our feeder school 5K trying to raise money for iPads
Baby shower for some of our best friends - ps. we have like 10 friends who are pregnant right now
Baylor Homecoming with my BFF
Sweet Megan's wedding

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot

Like I said, lots going on and I am loving it!!

Kisses from me and my fabulous girls!!