Friday, April 27, 2012


Yesterday morning I received a very intriguing text from my mom that determined my lunch time "walk." 

So I didn't necessarily get the same cardio in as my 2 mile walks the previous days, but I could really feel my heart pumping as I was trying things on. Long shot?? Oh well, I enjoyed walking around our outdoor shopping center. I obviously paid a visit to LOFT to see about some skirts and dresses and then headed over to Francesca's too. 

Dear all of our friends and family, could you please stop getting married and having birthdays because my budget has no room for me to get new clothes?!?! Kidding! I love buying presents for other people, but unfortunately after all I've purchased this month I just couldn't justify buying myself new clothes. In Ben's words, "you have WAY too many clothes anyway." Oh well, I am determined to head back to Francesca's in the near future and buy some things for summer. I mean I do have TONS of weddings and can't wear the same dress twice, right? Right!! 

Here are some of my favorites. Seriously, you should go to Francesca's if you're looking for summer skirts and dresses! There were a few skirts I loved at LOFT, but was mainly obsessed with all of their adorable springy/summery shirts. Just waiting for those to go on SALE. Yes, I am a SALES girl through and through...blame my fabulous mother! 

Love Love Love this skirt! It would be adorable with a simple white tank.
I am all about the neon this season and this skirt is a neon yellow. 
Both above skirts are at LOFT. The following are Francesca's. Pardon the rough hair and photography. Yesterday was a wear your workout clothes to work day for me which also meant naturally wavy/curly hair and I threw it up for the pics. 

Picture doesn't do this dress justice - soft tshirt top (off white and navy) with flowy bottom. 
Wait til you see the back...
Looks better when not at a weird angle, but I love it! 
Is it obvious yet that I love yellow??
Excuse the broken looking left foot
Love this dress for so many different occasions. Obviously needs heels, hence the tip toes.
Perfect summer dress - you can't tell but it's neon orange and the back has a cute little cutout with a neon pink strip. 
If anyone wants to volunteer to take me on a shopping spree, I definitely won't say no! I followed up my dressing room extravaganza by texting Ben and asking if he could work on getting me unlimited funds for shopping. He replied "Sure!" Isn't he the best? I'll keep you updated! 
In other news, Ben left last night for a Bachelor Party weekend (please please please let them be safe) and I am all by my lonesome. Well, I was just for last night, but I am headed to the Big D for the weekend with my family! I am still not feeling 100% and am ecstatic to be with my parents and sisters. Not to mention, I will hopefully partake in some good meals. Left to my own vices, this is what dinner typically looks like when Ben is away. 

This was after a few bites...I could never show you how high I really fill the bowl. That would just be embarrassing! This bowl consisted of sliced strawberries and kiwi with my 2nd favorite cereal (right behind Fruity Pebbles of course) Oh's and Honey Bunches of Oats. This bowl was then followed by a slightly smaller bowl of Oh's, Honey Bunches of Oats and GF Rice Krispies. I am a cereal suicider...I can never just have one cereal in a bowl! 

Have a Happy Weekend!! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Walkin' on Sunshine

It's getting a little toasty in Texas, but I have absolutely loved the past few sunny days! Sitting at a desk all day is not my favorite thing. I get pretty stir crazy and stand a lot of times at the file cabinet in front of my desk with my laptop propped on the third cabinet. It's a little rough, but it works for me. 

In order to appease my restless legs, I have been taking walks on my lunch break the past couple of days and it is GLORIOUS! On Monday I walked the mile to and from the library to pick up a new book. I didn't have a reason to roam the library on Tuesday, so I walked a little over a mile to Sonic, parked myself at one of their outdoor tables and enjoyed my new book before walking the mile back to work. It feels so much better to get out during the day! 

I finished my other book, Rumor Has It, on Sunday and was dying to pick up another book by the same author. For some reason I am really drawn to books that take place in England or Ireland and Rumor Has It was no exception. I loved the author's voice and all of the characters. I was really excited to start another of Jill's (first name basis) books this week. She makes my elliptical sessions fly by! 

Only a few chapters in and loving this one too!
Temperatures are starting to heat up, but it's a good thing I can wear my workout clothes to work. I don't always take advantage of this, but I might now that I have found a new lunchtime hobby! Check out the temps on Tuesday! I would be one happy girl if my life consisted of spending my days outside, working out, playing sports and being around people all day. 

Perfect to spend the day outdoors
In other news, I have a new killer workout for you. The 420 was hard, but the 1000 was even more challenging for me. For the first time EVER, I called in sick on Friday to work. I thought I might have strep, but it turns out I either just have a sever cold or some kind of upper respiratory infection (self diagnosis). I still haven't totally kicked it, but I just have a cough now. I had the 1000 planned for Friday, but I just never feel comfortable running or jumping around when my head feels like it might explode. I finally felt up to it on Tuesday when my headaches got better. Again, I got this workout from, my new obsession. I changed the order up a bit to incorporate the 500 high knees instead of leaving them all to the end. Here's my breakdown: 

-200 High Knees 
- 50 Burpees 
- 50 High Knees 
- 50 Weight Drop + Burpee Tuck Jump 
- 50 Scissor Lunges 
- 50 Bosu Knee Tucks 
- 50 Star Jacks 
- 50 Lunge & Kick, left 
- 50 Tuck Jumps 
- 50 Lunch & Kick, R 
- 50 Straight Abs 
- 300 High Knees 

I don't know about you, but 50 burpees and tuck jumps in a row did not seem possible to me, so I broke everything other than the high knees up into 25 and repeated the circuit twice. Then, I completed this thighs and glute bonus: 

- Bridge & Squeeze, knees apart 
- Bridge & Squeeze, knees together 
- Bridge & Squeeze, combo 
- Fire Hydrant Kick, left 
- Fire Hydrant Kick, right 
- Straight Back Kick, left 
- Straight Back Kick, right 
- Straight & Cross Back Kick, left 
- Straight & Cross Back Kick, right 
- Side Bent Lift, left 
- Side Bent Lift, right 
- Straight Side Lift, left 
- Straight Side Lift, right 

Holy Moly! My buns were burning after this bonus! I was a sweaty mess after both of these circuits, but I felt amazing. I cannot say enough good things about Bodyrock! I'm hooked! 

Do you workout when you're sick? How do you determine when you're ready to get back in the gym?

Friday, April 20, 2012

420 Workout

How appropriate for today?!?! No, this is not a workout you do whilst high as a kite. Sorry to disappoint. Anyone already over the twitter and facebook updates pertaining to 4-20? My hand is raised! Anyway, this workout is a doozy! I got up at the crack of dawn last week and completed this before work. I literally thought I might pass out a couple times, but I could not have felt more amazing after it was finished. It's a Bodyrock workout in the February Challenge. I am absolutely obsessed with Bodyrock these days. My muscle tone has really changed with these workouts and I am 10X more comfortable in my skin without having lost weight. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

This is what my workout looked like:
20 minutes on the elliptical
3 rounds of 20 reps each:
  1. Bunny Hop Push Up with Leg Raise 
  2. Push Ups (substituted for pull ups b/c I like to stay in one place during circuit)
  3. Surfer Kick Outs with (2) Jacks 
  4. Sumo Rear Out 
  5. Plank Drunk Chicken 
  6. Sumo Squats 
  7. Jump Squat with (2) Low Squats
I definitely have a love hate relationship with this workout. If you go to this page, you'll find a video with all of the demonstrations. Have fun on 4-20!!

Me after the workout


Friday, April 13, 2012


I think I've determined that Easter is my second favorite holiday behind Christmas. I know what you're thinking, how could I like Easter more than Thanksgiving, but I really only like Thanksgiving because of all the traditions and being around family. I'm not a Thanksgiving food person at all, but I am definitely an Easter food person. Especially, this year's food! Not to mention, Easter is pretty much the whole basis behind my faith. It's the reason I am able to live everyday so joyfully, knowing that although I mess up many many many (I wasn't the best wife this week) times, I get second and third and fourth chances. The best part is that I don't have to work for those chances, I just accept them. It's amazing! 

Growing up we had Easter on my grandparents farm every year and we would hunt for Easter eggs all over the place. For the past 3 or 4 years we have moved it to my oldest sister's house so we have can more little ones around. Katie has 2 little girls and their cousins get to come (my brother-in-law's nephews) and then they have 3 other cousins from their great aunt as well, so we have a blast!

This year I wanted to contribute some good eats, so I woke up bright and early, headed to the grocery store and cooked up a storm until we had to leave. My contributions to the Easter meal were Bleu Cheese Broccoli Bake and Old Fashioned Chocolate Cream Pie. They were both awesome!!

This was amazing and you can't really taste the bleu cheese. This will be on the holiday list!
This was my pride and joy! 
My kitchen around 10:00 AM...I retired for the rest of the day!

Everyone contributed amazing dishes this Easter! I can't say that I'm usually big on turkey, but this year my mom made her turkey in the crock-pot and it was incredible! I will try and post how she did it soon. 

Our beautiful greeter, baby Charlotte!

Sweet cousins, Annie and Andrew

The hosts

My sisters and I - from left to right - Christie, Me, Martie and Katie 

After sufficiently stuffing our faces, we were just about to hide the eggs when it started pouring. The plan was delayed and everyone was talking and watching the Masters, when all of a sudden my BIL and his brother bursted out the back door with two baskets full of plastic eggs. It was a hilarious site to see! They ran around the backyard just dumping the eggs everywhere, no hiding, then sprinted back inside and let the kids loose on their Easter Egg Hunt! 

When all the kids came back inside, Annie wanted to count her eggs, her candy, look at all her candy and count it all again! She was adorable and I had so much fun helping her count and telling her the types of candy she got. She is obsessed with Twizzlers and how they smell! 

This was one of my favorite Easters ever! I can't wait for the next time we all get together. I would be the happiest person in the world if I could be around family every single day! 

Me and my sweetie

One of my favorite pictures ever! 

Had to leave you with a good one! I can't help but smile at Annie in her hat! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Holy Saturday

Otherwise known as the Saturday before Easter! Did you know it was called Holy Saturday? Me neither...I totally googled "Saturday before Easter" and thought I'd act super smart/theological!

Holy Saturday was another fabulous piece of my Easter weekend. It was a relaxing and refreshing day with a little bit of chaos thrown into the mix. For some reason it seems that Ben and Natalie Clark (yes, I do enjoy third person) can never avoid a little bit of chaos! We're magnets!

After Friday's less than stellar eats, I decided I would start my day off on a healthy foot. I got up and started making Ben's favorite muffins, so he could wake up to a delicious meal on his day off. Then, I put together a delicious bowl of Greek yogurt and fruit for myself. I'm talkin' loads of fruit! Strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, blackberries and cantelope...DE-LICIOUS! As I was just about to pop the muffins into the oven I hear a "you've GOT to be kidding me" coming from the bedroom. Turns out Ben didn't have the day off and was a little late for phone duty. WHOOPS! He rushed out the door and I plopped my behind on the couch for a little Interior Therapy. Please tell me you all love Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos and Zoila just as much as I do!! I really think I should move to California and be a part of their family...them and the cast of New Girl. We would all get along swimmingly!!

How could they not want to be friends with this?!
After letting my breakfast settle, I set out for a 6 mile run. Holy heat on Holy Saturday!! I learned my lesson and will be getting up at the crack of dawn from now until Fall to grind out my runs before the sun beats down on me. I started my run at 11:00 AM and I swear it was like 110º...ok it was only like 78º or something, but same thing! I came back with a major sports bra/spaghetti strap tan.

Ben got home not long after I did and the plan was for me to lay out and help with the headboard project when needed and for him to work on the headboard. This is where chaos ensued...our Home Group leaders just had twin boys, in addition to their four children, and they needed help picking up a new dresser. Since Ben has a truck, he was the perfect volunteer. So while Ben headed to help, I took advantage of that dang sun and laid out all afternoon. 

If only this was our backyard...picture from honeymoon, somehow I took zero pictures on Holy Saturday :(
I headed back inside around 3:00 PM when I felt that I would have a fabulous burn that would turn into a fabulous tan. Always happens on the first layout of the season. Unfortunately, so does a heinous fever blister which I am now suffering from. Why can I not remember this while I'm laying out?! 

I digress. Warning, more chaos to ensue. As I was just about to hop in the shower to get ready for the Easter service with Ben's family and Easter dinner after, I received a call from my co-worker (yes, I only have one). The doctor in our building (which my bosses own) locked himself out of his office with car keys and everything still inside. As me and my co-worker are the only two people who have keys to every office in the building and she lives an hour away and had her entire family at her house I was the lucky individual who got to help him out. 

Like I said, I was just getting in the shower, and had to leave my house by 4:00 PM to get a seat at the Easter service. I called the good doctor and asked if he could wait and he so kindly said yes. I got ready in a whirlwind with all sorts of fans blowing on me while I proceeded to blow dry and straighten my hair and put make-up on while profusely sweating. It was a sight! When Ben walked in the door I said "call your parents we don't need a ride and I need you to be ready in 20 minutes so we can leave." Thankfully, he is a tad bit calmer than I am and got ready right on time, no sweating involved and we headed out the door to help the doctor and pray (it was Holy Saturday) that his parents could save us seats. 

This is the dress I wore but I assure you, I was much more of a hot mess!
I blasted myself with the air conditioner in the car and tended to my mascara addiction while Ben drove to the office and then to church. Once we got to church we had a fabulous surprise - we were sitting next to Tony Romo, Candace Crawford, Chase Crawford and Lauren Scruggs. First of all, I must say that Lauren look fabulous! If you don't know her story, she is the Dallas blogger who was hit by a plane propeller earlier this year and lost her arm and an eye. She looked great! Also, I would have never known that Candance was about to pop that baby out. She looked incredible for being 9 months pregnant! Lord, please bless me with that kind of body when I have a baby! 

Church was fabulous and then we headed to Del Frisco's in Dallas for an Easter dinner with the Clarks. Ben doesn't have much family, especially in the area and we obviously have no kids yet, so we celebrate on Saturday night with his family and Sunday with mine. Dinner was amazing! I had the Ahi Tuna with brussel sprouts, I highly recommend. Mine wasn't rare enough, but I know I would have loved it even more if it was a little pinker. Anyway, Holy Saturday ended up being a whole lot of fun! 

The chaos of the Clarks!! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Good Friday

This weekend was probably one of my favorite weekends ever! It felt so good to spend some time with the hubs and our families. I don't know the last time I just relaxed and didn't think about the million things going on. This was one of those weekends! Like a mini vacation! 

I didn't have to work on Friday and Ben only had to show a few houses in the afternoon, so we slept in and headed to Sidewalk Bistro for a late breakfast. Why do I love breakfast dates so much?!?! They just make the day so much brighter!

Their version of strawberry pancakes

I'm not sure of the last time I had non-protein (homemade) pancakes, so I thought I'd treat myself on this very special occasion. My absolute favorite thing to order for breakfast is flavored or fruity pancakes. Unfortunately, their version of "strawberry pancakes" is regular pancakes with strawberries on top. Does anybody else get in a horrible mood when they don't get what they want when it comes to food? I do! I tried my hardest not to let this affect my mood and these pancakes ended up being delicious! I'll have to ask next time about their "blueberry pancakes," but it felt nice to treat myself. I also had a side of egg whites, not pictured. Their not near as pretty!

Ben went to work after our date, so on a whim I went and got a haircut. Nothing big, just more layers and a bang trim, but I'm super happy with it. Then, I ran the .7 of a mile to the high school track near our house, completed a Bodyrock circuit + Ab bonus, a couple rounds of bleachers and suicides and ran the .7 of a mile back home. Holy heat! I am not used to working out when it is 85º outside. I was dead when I walked in the door. 

Thankfully, Ben was already home from work, so we could head to Lowe's to get the supplies for a fun home improvement project. We have been wanting to make a headboard for our room for a long time and this weekend seemed to be the perfect time. I love Lowe's! One day I WILL walk up and down every single aisle! 

The rest of the afternoon/evening was spent cutting wood, screwing the boards together and staining.

Don't let me fool you, Ben did the the hard labor
I found a headboard on Pinterest a while back, so we are designing it to look similar. The idea is for it to look like an old barn door or a rustic door I guess. I can't wait to see the finished product. We even got the lamps that will go on each side so that we can read in bed! I'm in love! 

Yes, that is a bull in the background. It's our pet roping bull. Nothing like a Texas stereotype! 
We finished up the night with a celebration (to be revealed later) dinner at Don Camillo's and my favorite ice cream at Beth Marie's. Can't believe we made it all the way to an 8:30 PM dinner without having eaten anything since breakfast/brunch. Guess those pancakes really held me over! 

Rustic lights! Ben drilled a hole in the bottom of each and added a pull string. 

I loved Good Friday!! An entire day spent with your husband is always a good one! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vail Recap

Although it was over a month ago that we went to Vail, I still miss it. I constantly wonder aloud "why do I live here when everywhere I go is so much prettier?" I can't complain about my life...I love (almost) everything about it, but if there is one thing I could change, it would be the scenery.

Ben's family usually takes their annual trip to the mountains right before Christmas, but this year due to the weather and a business trip his dad had planned in February, we left February 28th. It ended up being perfect timing. We were on the mountains for the 2 best ski days of the year according to the locals!

Notice the very small patch of skin on my was FREEZING!! 

We left on the 28th around 4:00 PM and started the drive to Vail, CO. We spend the night in Dumas, TX (holy small town) and woke up the next morning to make it to Vail around 4:00 PM. Well, I guess we really made it to Breckinridge around then. Ben's family HAS to stop in Breckinridge every trip and get calzones at this one shop. I'm not a fan of calzones...the grease and all isn't really appetizing to me, so I opted for room service that night. We shopped around in Breckinridge for a while and I got some killer North Face tall boots. I have no idea why I didn't get a picture but they will be out and about next winter for sure! 

Once we made it to the Arrabelle, Ben and I hit the gym before relaxing in the roof top hot tub. I have NO idea how I worked out everyday in the mountains last year. I ran and did a Bodyrock circuit workout and though I just might die on that gym floor. Lets just say that I called my skiiing and walking a workout for the next 3 days. 

When my FIL told me where we were staying I immediately said, "Trista Sutter loves going to their spa!" What do you just so happens we saw Trista there on our last day when after she skiied Pink Vail she had lunch in the lobby. I am one of those people that doesn't what to "bother" celebrities, so I didn't get a picture, but I had tweeted her a few days before asking if she'd be in their tent. Oh yes...she replied not once, but twice and told me I should have said hi when I saw her. So cool!! I will be snapping a pic next time and yes, I do anticipate there will be a next time! 

Our trip consisted of a fair amount of skiing (lots of me crying/complaining about my frozen hands), lots of relaxing, good food, a little shopping and a fabulous 5K Snow Shoe! Oh yes, I cannot forget my favorite part of the trip...a romantic, fun date night with my hubby all by ourselves!! I had a blast on this vacation and cannot wait to hit the slopes again next year! I did ask Ben if when we have kids, could we maybe become Spring Break skiiers?? I seriously think I have a circulation issue in my hands and hate that it puts a damper on one of my favorite activities...skiing! 

Our trip in pictures: 

MAJOR White Out
Skating rink behind us

Date Night! Before we headed to the top of the mountain!
HIS date night dessert
HER date night dessert...Gelato 

Gettin' ready to snow shoe! Don't worry it was only 0° with a windchill of -17°
I'll leave you with this picture because I love it! Just me and my husband enjoying each other's company!