Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Workouts

Can we just talk about the weather real quick?! OMG! I am in love! I am so in love, that I took my workouts this past weekend outdoors. There was no way I was going to spend my workout indoors at the gym! Lets just hope this weather sticks around for awhile! Well, obviously, it is going to be windy, cloudy and rainy on Thursday, which just so happens to be another track meet. It never fails, each track meet this year, we have had sunny and warm days sandwiching the meet, but the day of the meet it is always windy, cold and rainy. I mean, that just makes sense, right? Middle school coaches dream of late nights spent with twelve and thirteen year olds with our insides shivering! Don't you?!

I digress...back to those glorious outdoor workouts!  We have a fabulous park about half a mile from our house with a couple of different loops around it. The biggest loop is about 2.2 miles long. I always love that there are so many people running, walking their dogs, etc. The loops go around a couple of different ponds. There are also always tons of kids playing. I mean how can you not enjoy a run when you are constantly passing smiling kids and dogs?!

On Saturday, I decided to go on a run sans Baylor (our dog). As much as I love running with her, mostly because she loves running so much, she does slow me down a bit. As I said before, there are always lots of people and dogs, and Baylor happens to LOVE people and dogs. Our last run, I thought she was going to yank my arm off! I was pretty excited to see that without Baylor, I could run my normal pace! Since I usually take her with me, I had been a bit discouraged to see my pace had slowed down quite a bit. After Saturday, I was pumped to know this girl still has it!!

Since the biggest loop is only 2.2 or so miles, I ran it twice plus a little extra. I completed all 5(.06) miles at an 8:17 pace. My splits aren't shown above, but I also had negative splits! It was a super motivational, self-esteem boosting run! It also made for a pretty fabulous start to an extra fun day. Ben and I attended the Denton Women's Benefit League Ball later that night and had a blast! I also got to partake in a little bit of chocolate mousse cake guilt free. Double bonus! 

Despite staying out late dancing the night away led by one of my very favorite bands, Emerald City, I was still itching for another good workout outside the next morning. I headed back to Eureka Park and completed one lap around the biggest loop. Oh yeah, I also ran the 2.21 miles at an even faster pace than the day before! 

I then found a picnic bench and completed a short circuit workout three times through. It was perfect! I have shown the circuit below if you are interested in a fun park workout for yourself. Maybe one day I will get a little bit more brave and venture to the actual play area and use the bar for pull-ups and such. 

I was one happy camper after this weekend of outdoor workouts! Got to enjoy the great outdoors before it is scorching outside!