Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bachelor Gulch, CO

After our crazy, hectic, go-go-go Christmas, we had a day to recover and put away presents before we were off again to Bachelor Gulch, CO. We left bright and early on the 27th to catch our flight to Denver. We then drove about 2.5 hours to our hotel. We've gone to Colorado with Ben's family every year since we got married. Our first year we went to Bachelor Gulch, last year was Vail and we were back in Bachelor Gulch. Why fix it if it ain't broke?!

View from the mountain of our hotel 
We got in around 3:00 PM, so we grabbed lunch at the Buffalo Bar, napped a bit...I'm horrible at napping, so after about 30 minutes, I hopped up and hit the gym. When Ben finally woke up, he met me down at the hot tub where my head absolutely froze because it was snowing, but going to the gym and then the hot tub is just something we do on vacation... always. 

We got a late start since we got there so late in the day, so we decided to simply order room service and watch some good TV. I was still full from the black bean burger and sweet potato fries I ordered at lunch, so I just had a bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter and fruit before calling it a night. 

We woke up on Wednesday morning and headed down to breakfast. Ben's dad wasn't feeling very well, so he wasn't going to ski and his mom and sister didn't want to ski without his dad, so they went shopping. Ben and I wanted to get out on the slopes, so we changed, got my skis and boots and hit the slopes! 

After our first run, we had to stop to de-thaw my hands for a little bit. I have HUGE issues with my hands being frozen and I am not one of those people that can just grin and bare it. It hurts so bad when they thaw that I just crumble. There may have been some tears of frustration and pain as I was cuddled up to  Ben at the base of the mountain with my hands in his jacket, but after a minor break down, we had a fabulous day on the mountain! We skied for about 2.5 hours before coming in for lunch around 3:00 PM and calling it a day. I thoroughly enjoyed spending a day with Ben on the slopes! We haven't skied by ourselves before and it was so fun! 

This time, after a little rest, we hit the gym together before relaxing in the hot tub and grotto. After getting ready, we headed downstairs to Spago, Wolfgang Puck's restaurant. It was the last night he was there and we enjoyed talking to him once again. He is so so friendly and kind! 

Spago is always absolutely wonderful! I started the night with my favorite pomegranate martini while we waited for our reservation. The lobby is the absolute best, so we had a blast people watching, chatting and reading down there before dinner. I had the scallops at dinner and I obviously had a pretzel roll. Wolfgang Puck's pretzel rolls are to die for!! 

Everyone felt much better the next two days, so we all skied together. The temperatures were almost unbearably cold, so I won't lie and tell you that we skied from lift open to lift close, but we got in some runs and had fun! I'm not exactly a Winter skier...I prefer Spring Break skiing when I can ski without worrying at all that I will get cold. One layer of clothes and I'm good to go!! 

We visited Ben and Tony's favorite restaurant one night, I believe it's called 1800. It's in Beaver Creek at a different hotel and we always enjoy going over there. Ben and Tony always rave about the elk and I tried it last year and loved it, so I went with it again this year. Again, why fix what ain't broke? The hotel was still very festive with Christmas decorations, so while Ben and Tony explored a little to find a restaurant for the next night, Katie, Karen and I enjoyed the tree and fire. 

After the usual routine the next day, we were pretty excited to watch the Cowboys game at a little bar that Tony and Ben found in Beaver Creek. I love watching games with lots of people around, so I absolutely loved it! There was a little drama with a customer, great people watching, and some fun camaraderie with other (about 2 or 3) Cowboys fans! They also had great guacamole and tortilla soup, so it was a win in my books! 

The last day that we were there, New Years Eve, we all took the day off from skiing. Ben's family drove over to Breckenridge to get their favorite calzones. Ben didn't feel like driving the hour, so we had another little date day! We took the shuttle over to Beaver Creek, did some shopping and then holed up in Starbucks. I graded papers and worked while Ben read. Have I mentioned that I love spending time with my husband?!?! I love date days! 

My hot hubs waiting for the shuttle! 

We spent New Years Eve at the hotel in the Buffalo Bar. We had a bit of an interesting dinner where our waitress forgot to put our order in before her shift was over. We ended up with a free, but very late dinner. It was probably a good thing, because no one other than me was planning on staying up until midnight, but we finished dinner about an hour before the big countdown, so Katie stayed up as well! 

We had a great time in the lobby with our little blowers! We had fun doing the countdown and then about 12:05, we headed upstairs and put on our pjs! Yes, we are lame!! We blame it on the altitude! 

Bachelor Gulch 2012-2013 was a successful trip! We had a lot of fun while getting a lot of relaxing done. I know this sounds so dumb, but one of my very favorite things about vacation is the workouts. Ben usually works out with me and I love it! I think he just likes seeing me in pain, so I employ him as my trainer and he puts me through killer weights workouts. I LOVE IT!! 

Warming up by the fire after a day of skiing! 
So in love with this man! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our little family to yours!! 

I have been ready for Christmas Break since the moment I went back to work after Thanksgiving Break. I was more than ready to head home from school on the 21st, and could not wait for some free time to really get into the Christmas/Holiday spirit. When I was thinking about it, it seemed like I had a lot of time off. I was in for a rude has been go go go from the moment I walked out the door on the 21st til I woke up this morning. I am beyond excited to spend the next 4 days catching up and cleaning up before school starts again!! 

Yes, we've been busy, but we also had a fabulous Christmas and New Years! We got back late last night from a trip with Ben's family to Bachelor Gulch, CO. I will take some time to recap our trip tomorrow, but here are a few pictures from before Christmas up to our trip. I am truly blessed with two fabulous families to celebrate Christmas with!!

 Ben and I made The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls for co-workers together...Holy Yum! 

Co-worker's wedding with another coach and my principal - I love my school! 

The two cutest nieces you did ever see! - we met my whole family for a Christmas Eve breakfast at Northpark 

Might be my favorite picture ever! 

Before Christmas Eve church service - we celebrate on Christmas Eve with Ben's family

A very Berry (my maiden name) Christmas! 

My crazy mom and her fabulous Baylor pom-pom gloves! 

"Dance" aka jump on the bed party! 

Baylor's first Christmas and first snow! 

Getting ready to play in the snow! 

Starting early - her first Mercedes!
Ben got an Xbox and immediately started playing! 

I love getting to look back on our Christmas and realizing how blessed we are! I am so thankful my Savior was born so that I might be saved and get to be reunited with him one day! All of the festivities during Christmas are wonderful reminders of all that Christ has given us and how thankful I am for my faith! 

Merry (late) Christmas and Happy New Year!!