Monday, December 3, 2012

Quarter of a Century

As of Friday, November 30th, I am officially a quarter of a century old!! For those that have no idea what that means...I am the big 2-5! For the first time when people were asking "so do you feel older," I could actually say yes. There just seems to be something about kind of feels like I should start acting like an adult!

I have had the most fabulous birthday weekend! Everything really started on Thursday and concluded with a wonderful family lunch yesterday. It also trickled a little bit over to today with some birthday treats that were brought to school by colleagues and students. I feel so blessed by everyone in my life and would like to say a big THANK YOU for making me feel so loved!

When I walked into school on Thursday morning, I had an adorable surprise waiting for me at my door. Some of my sweet students decorated my door and came bearing balloons, hats and Nothing Bundt Cake Bundlets. Yummy! There was a party in my classroom on Thursday! I know I've said it before, but I will say it again - I absolutely love my students! They are seriously the greatest! 

On Tuesday I was convinced by a couple of my teacher friends that I should take the day off on Friday. It was so not like me, but I decided that I needed the personal day! Ben wanted to bring me lunch one day, so with me not being there Friday, he brought it to me on Thursday. A Zoe's Kitchen just opened in Flower Mound and I have been so excited to go. I love the one in Dallas, but still hadn't made it to the new one. Ben brought me the delicious Spinach Roll Ups. He also got to meet some of my students and co-workers which was super fun! The kids were so amazed at how big he is. One even asked me "can we call your husband Big Ben?" It was pretty cute! 

With all of our family and friend celebrations throughout the weekend, I told Ben that I would just love to go to breakfast on Friday morning. Ben had the grand idea that he should make me a special dinner on Thursday. I requested my absolute favorite - Miso Glazed Salmon! It was incredible...probably what I would request for my last meal! 

Delicious edamame on the side - I could eat edamame all day long
Friday morning, aka birthday morning, I slept in a little (8:00 AM) before Ben decided he was ready to give me my present. He did AMAZING!! I have been asking for a necklace that I can wear all the time and Ben definitely delivered. I haven't taken it off since. He even told me he didn't want me to wear it to the gym (I have since convinced him otherwise), so I took Baylor on a 4.2 mile walk instead. After presents were opened/I jumped on the bed with excitement for a little while, we got ready for breakfast. 

There is an adorable little place in Denton called Seven Mile Cafe. I absolutely love the atmosphere and the food is delicious! What is it about breakfast dates?! I love them! Maybe it's just that the day has just started and it's too early for anything to have started stressing you out or for something to have gone wrong. I just think they're perfect! This one was no exception. It was the perfect kick-off to my actual birthday. 

My plate of egg whites with avocado, mushrooms and feta + an english muffin and fruit
I spent the rest of the day getting things done. Mostly getting all of the decorations in order for the Clark Christmas! Ohmygoodness I love Christmas so much! I was thrilled to craft and get lots of our decorations under my belt. 

Our fabulous mantle - the ginormous stockings are the BEST!
I don't usually ask for everyone to get together, but I thought it would be fun to get together with friends for the big 2-5. Unfortunately, most of our friends were busy. Our best friends, Landon and Brenda were still free, so we got to enjoy a fabulous dinner at Brio in Southlake. If you haven't been to Brio, you need to find one. It is incredible! 

The rest of the weekend was absolutely amazing! I went with a group to see the Rockettes in Dallas and do a little shopping with my mother and sister-in-law. Then, Ben and I went with our friends Brenda and Landon to see Shane & Shane and Phil Wickham in concert. We went to this same concert last year and it is always absolutely incredible! Their voices are even better in person than they are on their CDs. It is un-flippin-believable!! 

Sunday's lunch with our families was also amazing. I love having everyone in my family around me! I guess you could say that this birthday was FABULOUS! I think this is going to be an incredible year! Thanks again to everyone who made my day special! 

My niece, Charlotte, wishing me a Happy Birthday!