Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Yes, you do get free slurpees at 7-11 on 7-11, but there is a different reason why I love this day so much....it's my wedding day!! I was hoping to get this post up yesterday, on my actual anniversary, but the day was filled with fun with my hubby (and some work too).

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to my very favorite husband, Ben!! I really wish we could do our wedding and all the days leading up to it all over again. The other day, our pastor at church was relating something to a big wedding that you never want to leave where everyone dances all night and it's like a big reunion and that is exactly how I would describe our wedding day. It was the most fun and best day of my life! 

Getting our dance on!


To celebrate one fabulous year as husband and wife, Ben and I had an early morning date to OLD WEST. It's a small cafe with good 'ole home cooking. I honestly just love the place for the atmosphere and I'll occasionally get a seasonal pancake. Ben is more into the food, but I did surprise myself and got something other than egg whites. 

Ben's breakfast quesadilla 

My spinach, onion and mushroom egg white omelette

Holy moly-- that omelette was HUGE!!! I thought going the healthy route they wouldn't make the omelette near as large, but it was ginormous! I maybe ate half of it and my cup of fruit and I was FULL until about 1:30 PM. 

We both had to go to work, but the day absolutely flew by. Before I knew it it was time to race home to get ready for our hot date. I even splurged and bought a new dress on my lunch break! 

Isn't he handsome?!

I had no idea where we were going until we were half way there. Ben surprised me by taking me to the place where we went on our very first "date." He considered it a date....I was really in the mindset that we were just "hanging out," but I fell pretty fast. 

See the Happy Anniversary! at the top?!?!

I still remember Ben asking if I wanted to hang out one night and then texting me, "What's your favorite restaurant?" I replied, "McCormick & Schmick's, but there's no way we're going there." He was pretty good at wooing me and took me there! 

Next on the agenda was our VERY VERY VERY favorite place!!!!


How could you not LOVE a place with that many homemade flavors of ice cream??

We had a fabulous day and night and I am so so thankful to be married to Ben. There is no one in this world I have more fun with and I truly married my best friend. 


So glad we finally starting dating! 
PS- this picture was taken when I still qualified us as "hanging out!"