Sunday, February 22, 2015

Henley's Birth Story

Henley's official due date was December 14th. At 36 weeks, I went into my appointment and was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Considering I was totally convinced that she was going to be early, this made me super excited! I thought that I would for sure make progress each week. Well, I went in each week after that and there was never any progress. Believe me, I was doing absolutely EVERYTHING recommended to go into labor and nothing was working. At 37 weeks, my doctor asked if I wanted to go ahead and schedule an induction. I knew I didn't want Henley to be born too close to Christmas, and she recommended at least getting on the schedule. If I got on the schedule, I guaranteed that my doctor would deliver her and that I wouldn't have to wait until the last possible day to get in. I was a little hesitant because I really wanted to experience the process of going into labor and all that goes with it, but I was also so so ready to meet my baby girl. So, I went ahead and scheduled myself to go into the hospital on the night of the 14th and planned to have Henley on the 15th.

I continued to do absolutely EVERYTHING to try to get Henley to get here before the 15th! I was convinced that she was going to be early, but she is exactly like her mommy and daddy and is so very stubborn. She has a mind of her own and would not do what I wanted!

I thought Sunday, the 15th, would be the longest day of my life, but we occupied ourselves pretty well, and the day flew by. We were scheduled to check-in at 8:00 PM, so we left the house around 6:30. We packed up the car (it looked like we were going on vacation) and headed to PetCo to drop off our dog, Baylor. Then, we went to Jason's Deli for dinner. The one near our hospital has the best soft serve, so it was a no brainer that we would go there before I couldn't eat for FOREVER. I cannot say enough about how great our hospital was. We got there a little before 8:00 and they immediately walked us to our room and got everything situated. I changed into my gown, the nurse put the baby's heart monitor and the contraction monitor around my belly and I laid down in my bed. The Cowboys played that night, so we obviously watched the game before calling it a night and trying to get some rest before our big day.

This is me right before we checked in at the hospital. 
I had a bit of a rough night. Nothing horrible, but I felt like I constantly had to pee and in order to do so, Ben had to get up and unplug my IV and the two monitors that were around my belly from the machines, walk me to the bathroom and wait for me to get done. I felt horrible constantly waking him up. I also could not get comfortable. If I finally found a position that I fell asleep in, the nurse would lose Henley's heartbeat and I would have to move. Apparently, Henley was super particular...she hated it if I was not on my left side. I constantly had to move back to it in order for her heartbeat to register well on the monitor. I spent most of the night staring at the clock, hoping that I had fallen asleep for more than 30 minutes and my doctor would be in soon to break my water. You can imagine the night went by pretty slow!

Finally, around 8:00 AM they came in with Ben's torture for me! This meant that they would be checking me soon and I was just praying that they would break my water. By this time, I felt like I was constantly going to pee on myself. It didn't matter how many times I got up to go to the restroom, I immediately had to go again. My doctor got there around 9:00 AM, checked me, I was at 2 cm and told me that we were going to "commit" to December 15th and break my water. I heard from many people that this would not be a pleasant experience, so I was a bit nervous about the crochet needle! The moment she broke my water, I felt so much relief. It really didn't hurt, but the rush of water was definitely not pleasant. It seemed like she just kept reaching around in there and would break something over and over again. I could not believe the amount of water or whatever it is that flooded my hospital bed. Is it weird to anyone else that they just put towels down and then move them? It seems so unsanitary!

After she broke my water, I immediately went to 3 cm. My doctor watched my contractions and said they were super intense and close together without Pitocin, so they only did a very small dosage. Apparently I was having contractions all night, but I didn't feel them at all. Once I started having the intense contractions, I could definitely feel them. Holy moly! I don't even know how to explain's just like this enormous pressure that takes your breath away. On top of the contractions, I was beyond starving at this point and wasn't allowed to eat anything. All I wanted to do was throw up. Ben had gone out to the waiting room to tell his family hello while I was having a contraction and I had to text him, ask him to come back and hand me the trash can immediately. I never ended up throwing up, but I absolutely hated this feeling. At 4 cm, I decided I was ready for the epidural.

Me and my ice chips...the only thing I could "eat."
I have gotten so many questions about the epidural. It took about 30 minutes for the anesthesiologist to get to my room. They sat me up on the side of my bed, Ben standing in front of me, holding my hands, and the anesthesiologist behind me. Getting the epidural didn't really bother me. It really wasn't painful, it was just a little bit uncomfortable. I could feel everything that was going on and it was just odd. The weirdest part to me was that you can feel the medicine. It took just a little while, and it was a little stronger on my right side, but once the epidural was going, I felt so much better. It may sound gross, but it was actually kind of nice to have a catheter. I have had one before and I absolutely hated everything about that experience, but this time, it was just nice not to have to get up every 2 seconds to go to the bathroom or feel like I was going to wet myself. I finally got to relax and rest a bit.

Once I had the epidural, I didn't mind if family came in for a few minutes to say hello. Ben's family came back and said hi and so did my parents once they got there. I got checked about every 45 minutes or so, I was always progressing, but slowly. Ben made a playlist for labor, I napped, we texted people with updates, and we did a Bible study together. The nurse would come in and reposition me in order to help me progress and keep Henley's heartbeat strong. They still struggled to get a strong heartbeat if I was not on my left side. When I got to 8 cm, they sat me straight up, hoping she would really drop. She definitely did! I told the nurse it felt like I had to go to the bathroom and she said that was exactly what they wanted to hear. Ben and I got so excited! We were ready to go. This was at about 3:45 PM. His parents came back one last time and then my parents did too. I loved talking to my mom and dad at this point. I just wanted their comfort and to see their excitement. They both gave me a kiss on the forehead and my mom told me that she hoped Henley would be as beautiful as me. When either of my parents tell me I'm beautiful, it just melts my heart. I hope I make Henley feel this way one day. When they left, I was so ready to meet my little girl.

My parents and me
The nurse came back in and told us she wouldn't check me for another 30 minutes...ugh! We were so ready! She finally checked me and I was ready to go! She told Ben to grab my foot and she would grab the other. Ben and I both looked at each other and he said, "aren't I supposed to put on the blue stuff?" She told him no, so he said, "I thought this would be more dramatic!" We both did! With just Ben and the nurse in the room, I started pushing.

After the first push, the nurse noticed that Henley's heart rate dropped dramatically. She put me on oxygen until my next set of pushes and watched the heart rate come back up. After the next set of pushes she looked a bit more concerned. She said that her heart rate was continuing to drop as I pushed, and she wanted to go ahead and call my doctor. She called another nurse in there and while I was taking more oxygen, on my left side of course, the nurse called my doctor. I did one more set of pushes before my doctor got there, then took more oxygen. Once she got there, she told me that I was either going to have to push as hard as I could to get Henley out in no more than 2 more sets, or we were going to have to do a C-section. She also got out the vacuum because she thought we needed it to help. SIDENOTE: When my nurse checked me for the last time, she noticed an increase in swelling and thought that I might be having an allergic reaction to latex. Without getting graphic, lets just say I was incredibly swollen down there and that was also making it harder for Henley to crown. 

I was super nervous about using a vacuum, so I pushed as hard as I possibly could for another set, took oxygen and then pushed my heart out one last set. Henley's head came out and my doctor pretty much finagled her out the rest of the way. I was so so grateful for how wonderful she was. I started pushing at 4:35 and at 5:01, Henley was born. Ben and I were immediately in love! Henley looked exactly like she did in her 3D/4D sonogram and was absolutely beautiful! Henley weighed 8 lbs 1 oz and was 21 inches long.

After a pretty intense delivery, we had one more placenta wouldn't deliver. Apparently it is supposed to deliver within 30 minutes, but at the 45 minute mark, mine still wouldn't deliver. My doctor kept massaging my belly, but prepared me that we might have to do a D&C. I was sad when she told me we might have to have a C-section only because I had labored all day, and then I was sad again when she said this because I had pushed as hard as I could and it seemed like I just couldn't avoid a surgery. My doctor called the anesthesiologist in and asked about a relaxant to help. He gave me something to relax my uterus and just at about the hour mark, my placenta finally delivered. After this, I felt so weird. I told Ben I felt like a major drug addict because I was shaking so bad. They ended up putting two heated blankets on me, and I had to wait in the room for about another 2 hours. They didn't want to move me to recovery for a while because of how much blood I lost. At this point, I knew our families were dying to see Henley, so I asked if they could come to the delivery room. My nurses allowed them to and they all fell just as much in love with Henley as we did.

The rest of our hospital stay was great. We stayed until Wednesday due to the blood I lost, Ben and I were both thankful for the extra day there. Again, I cannot say enough amazing things about the hospital where I delivered. My nurses and doctors were amazing! I still cannot believe Henley is here! She is absolutely perfect! 

Our little Christmas present!

My Papaw and my mom

Getting ready to head home

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