Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life Update

Things have changed for me over the past couple of weeks/months and I feel like it's time I let you in on it. I graduated from Baylor in May 2010 and ever since then have had in the back of my head that one day I would really like to coach and teach. My major was in Sports, Sponsorships and Sales and I had some great internships and jobs in the sports/sports marketing world and although I enjoyed it, I can't really say it's for me. I don't really consider myself a sales person. I leave that up to my husband who could sell glasses to a blind man...but seriously! I knew growing up that I would enjoy teaching and coaching, but I didn't want me be like everyone else (my 2 older sisters also went to Baylor and are teachers) and was too stubborn to admit it to myself.

I found it frustrating for a while that I didn't listen to what I felt like I was called to do, but instead of letting it get me down, I finally did something about it. I started my classes to get my 4-8 Generalist teaching certificate back in December. I finished those up in February and passed my test at the beginning of April. I could not have been more excited the day I got my test results back! I wasn't positive how I would go about leaving my job and pursuing teaching, but at the beginning of May, Ben and I made the decision that I would leave my job starting June 1st to actively pursue teaching. With my job, our crazy lives, our involvement in our church, etc., I didn't feel like I had enough time to do what I needed to do in order to job search, make contacts, etc.

This is my first week without a job and to be quite honest I am scared to death. I am definitely not a risk-taker, again I leave that up to my husband, and this is a huge risk for me. It is the first time I feel like I am really stepping out there and completely trusting the Lord in following his plan for my life. Generally, I have to be in control. I hate not having a plan or some sort of security, but I am taking this risk and yes, I am incredibly nervous, but I am also so excited to see where it takes me.

I would love your prayers in my search for a job. I am hoping to teach and coach middle school, but am also very open to any other opportunities that are out there. It is only my second day of staying at home and I am already anxious. I am definitely being taught to seek God in these times and am enjoying my time with him every morning and throughout the day. I will keep you updated and hopefully be posting here more often!

One thing I have to say is that I am so thankful for such a supportive husband. Ben always encourages me to follow my heart and has encouraged me since the moment I mentioned this to pursue it. I have found a lot of courage through him and feel very blessed and comforted by his trust and confidence not only in me, but in the Lord as well.


  1. Praying for your job search and new journey! This is so exciting!

  2. I am so proud of you! I know you will be a wonderful teacher and coach. Your students will be blessed to have you in their lives. :) I am praying for you. You know, it's not so terrible to be a lot like your older sisters, right?! We're obviously super cool. We just have to convince Martie of that. Ha! Love you!

  3. I saw that you had gotten a teaching position (congrats!) and was curious to know where you took classes for your certification. I am in a similar position right now, just weighing my options and considering what may be best for me. Thanks!

    1. Hey! I got my alternate certification through Texas Teachers. I was working full-time while taking classes, so I took all of my classes online. I started at the beginning of December and finished at the beginning of February. It's totally up to you how fast you get the classes done. Some are really long and some are super short. I believe there are 27 classes all together. They're powerpoint presentations that each have a short (easy) quiz at the end. You'll then take your test that will allow you to teach for a probationary year. Please feel free to ask me more questions when you get there! In regards to cost - I believe I paid $295 up front and now that I have a job they will take the rest out of my paychecks. It's a great don't have to pay in full until you get a job. If you have any other questions, my emails is Don't hesitate to ask! Good luck!!