Monday, July 16, 2012

Grand Cayman, Day 2

I got a pretty interesting start on day 2. Haley and I forgot to check in on our first day for our scuba certification course, so we needed to be up a little earlier to make sure all the paper work was filled out. Well, I just assumed that my phone was on the right time...little did I know that it was an hour ahead. Keep in mind that I woke up at 3:00 AM the previous morning and didn't get in bed until close to midnight. So, I was waiting by the stairs for Haley at 6:45 AM thinking that it was 7:45. Whoops! After calling her room and the front desk and being told that I was on the wrong time, I went back up to my room and took a 30 minute cat nap in a chair (Ben looked far too comfortable to get back in bed). 

Finally, at 7:45 AM, Haley and I headed over to the Westin for our certification course. We both took the same one 2 years ago and I think we're both ready to get for real certified. We did two back-to-back dives and it made me feel a lot more comfortable in the water. We passed with flying colors, but we didn't leave without some excitement. I was attacked by a bird!! I HATE BIRDS!! Apparently there is an angry bird at the Westin in Grand Cayman. First, he attacked my head. Then, he came back for more and dive bombed my back while I was turned the other way. Later, while we were being instructed he attacked another girl in our class. Eventually, one of the workers took a broom and threatened the bird and I guess he got the picture, because he didn't come back. 

Right after we finished, Haley and I hurried back to the Ritz to catch our boat with the rest of our party for two dives.

Haley and I walking to our boat 
Headed out to sea

Our first dive was at Kittyhawk, a sunken submarine rescue boat. It was amazing! I was in awe of how big everything was on the boat. It was so cool getting to go through a couple of the rooms and see where people got ready, where the captain stood, etc. Haley and I were only out on one thing...the baracuda! Apparently, it hangs out by the boat all the time and I wanted nothing to do with it! I kind of confused it with a piranha and thought it would eat me, but our guides cleared that up for me when we got back on our boat. Whoops!! Our second dive was at Burger Reef and we swam with lots and lots of Tarpon. Who knew they were so pretty!

About to go under! The scariest part of the first dive was getting in the water because the water was so rough. 

After dive #1

Before dive #2 - our guide hit Haley in the face with one of the tubes on my tank and I could not stop laughing!

And...I'm off! 

My hunny and me after our dives! 

After a fabulous day of diving, we laid by the pool for the rest of the afternoon before heading to dinner at The Wharf. I don't think most people really enjoyed The Wharf this time around (we went 2 years ago too), but I always love it. The menu is a little sophisticated/slightly limited, but I adore all things seafood, so I absolutely loved my dinner. I ordered the Pistachio Crusted Sea Bass and it was amazing! 

Day 2 was a fabulous day! It ended with me badgering Ben and telling him he acts way too old and we needed to go do something. He prefers to go to bed when we get back to the hotel. We compromised and went to our friend's room for drinks and lots of fun conversation! Day 3 up next! 

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