Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hello Stranger!

We've been back from the islands for over a week now, so I figure it's about time I update you on our fabulous vacation! Our trip was split into two parts. First, we went to Grand Cayman with Ben's family along with a few other families. For the second part, Ben and I left for some time on our own in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! Lets start with Grand Cayman, shall we?!?!

Welcome to the Ritz in Grand Cayman! We woke up bright and early for our 5:45 flight to Miami and arrived in Grand Cayman around 11:30. As hard as it was to get up at 3:00 AM, I will always choose an early flight over a later one, because I love having the day to enjoy our destination! 

Last time we were in Grand Cayman, two years ago, we discovered Sunshine Grill. It is this amazing little restaurant off of a hotel/motel, Sunshine Suites. The owner is from the states and has perfected his menu! About half of us immediately headed over to grab some lunch before soaking up some sun. I had to go with my favorite lunch, the Asian Chicken Wrap with fruit. 

We laid out on the beach for the rest of the day and were even guests at a beach wedding early in the evening. Ok, so we weren't really guests, but they don't clear the beach for weddings, so we decided (about 8 of us) to continue laying out on our beach chairs, only about 10 feet away from the ceremony and take pictures and enjoy the love! It was pretty comical to see the people that would float behind the wedding in the ocean and couples walking on the beach that would walk right behind the altar. 

There was another wedding the next day, but we left that one alone!

We finally headed up to the room about 6:30 PM and got all freshened up for dinner. The first night in Grand Cayman is always one of my very favorites! We go to one of the restaurants at the Ritz called Seven and it is so so good! Plus, it's a dress up night and there is absolutely nothing better in my book than laying out on the beach all day and getting dressed up at night for a nice dinner. 

The Clark Family
My Scuba Buddy, Haley

I can't go to Seven without getting their is absolutely amazing! Ben and I haven't had the best luck with tuna lately, so this was one of our favorite dinners ever! We were so happy to find a perfect filet of tuna. I think the key is to ask for it to be "rare plus" instead of medium rare. I like my tuna to be pretty pink, just a little more cooked than rare. We also enjoyed wine, many sides (I'm not much of a side person, so I only had the sweet potato wedges) and many toasts. All in all it was an amazing dinner!! 

Yummy Sweet Potato Wedges

One of the very best parts to this dinner was the people we shared it with. I adore Ben's family and all of the other families that came with us on the trip, the Pattersons, Keys and Ansels. We were celebrating a lot of amazing things, one of them being that....DRUM ROLL PLEASE....

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!

The Thursday before we left, I received an email from Lewisville ISD offering me the 7th grade English position at Lamar Middle School. I will also be coaching volleyball, track and soccer. I cannot even tell you how beyond thrilled I am!! I went up to the school on Tuesday and got to see my classroom, my office and meet my head coach and a few other 7th grade teachers! I have already purchased my planner, my grade book and some posters for my room. Who knew that middle school classrooms were so cute?!?! My classes in junior high were not decorated at all, but the classrooms at Lamar are adorable. I have lots of work to do, but I am so excited! 

Vacation day one was a success! Stay tuned for more vacation posts!

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