Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last Day in Cayman

Things have been nuts between decorating my classroom, signing my contract and just life in general, so I apologize for how long it has taken me to get our vacation recap wrapped up. After this I will try and lump our trip to Punta Cana into one or two posts. I am actually out of commission on the couch for a little while, so I hope to have plenty of time to hash it all out.

Our last day in Cayman may have been my favorite. At least a tie with our scuba day. We got started semi early and hopped in a van to head to our boat. For some reason, boat days are always my favorite! We recently got a boat and I could live on the lake. Ben tells me I look like a natural "lake rat." I hope that's a compliment!

First stop of the trip was Stingray City. I'm sure most of you have heard about Stingray City and if you've never been to Cayman you HAVE to visit. It's a little intimidating getting into the water, but once you're in, it's absolutely incredible. Being in the ocean this trip, scuba diving and at Stingray City left me in awe of God's creation.

My stud of a husband

7 years good luck! 

After makin' besties with the stingrays, we headed further out to sea for some snorkeling and jumping off the boat. I wasn't that into snorkeling, but did enjoy jumping off the boat and some time in the sun on the boat. 

Our third and last destination was Starfish Point. We set anchor in a place where we could all stand and hold the starfish or swim to shore. 

On our way back in we saw tons of iguanas up close and personal. They're totally creepy but awesome at the same time! 

We ended a fabulous day with a beautiful night and delicious dinner at Casanova, a little old school Italian restaurant with incredible food. I highly recommend Casanova if you're visiting Grand Cayman. 

We were serenaded by this harp player who we saw EVERYWHERE we went and who also had a total crush on Haley!! 

No complaints about this trip to Cayman....next stop, Punta Cana! 

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