Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Grand Cayman, Day 3

Have I made you fall in love with Grand Cayman yet?! It is seriously one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I would highly recommend it for any vacations, especially scuba-diving vacations. There is lots to do, lots to see, but on day 3 of our vacation I was happy to finally have a day to simply relax.

Ben and some of the other boys played golf in the morning, so the women ate homemade omelets and hit the beach. The beach is always better in the morning because it seems to be hotter on the beach than at the pool. We save the pool for the afternoon heat. We had the same guy from the Ritz as two years ago helping us get chairs and all set-up on the beach. We ended up talking to him for a very long time and learned tons about him. He actually has a law degree in his country and came to Grand Cayman to save up before working for himself. How cool is that?!

Anywho, we spent all morning on the beach before taking a lunch break and then hitting up the pool for the remainder of the day. I generally aim for a shaded spot at the pool at least for a little while. I don't want to get crunchy!

I am horrible at sitting down at home and reading or just doing nothing, but by the pool or on the beach, I could read all day long! I finished Still Missing by Chevy Stevens on the first day and read Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner for the remainder of the trip. I absolutely loved both of these books. Still Missing was very interesting, semi-disturbing plot-line and story, but still a very good page turner. I adored Little Earthquakes! After my first read, it was such a fun, sweet, cute read with such fun characters. I definitely recommend both. 

Our 3rd day was actually the only day that I worked out on my 8 day trip. Surprised?! You should be! I usually try to cram a workout in everyday, but I decided that this trip I would be active everyday in some way and just enjoy the trip. It was glorious! After doing this in Vail and on this vacation, I think this will be my philosophy for every vacation. I was always walking, swimming, scuba-diving, etc., but I never had to schedule a workout. Since we didn't have dinner planned until 7:30, I went to the gym around 5:30 and ran a fabulous 4.5 miles. It felt so good to get my heart rate up, although I barely sweat. It was so weird...I don't know if it was because of how much I sweat all day or what, but I barely had any sweat on me after this run...a miracle! 

We had a special private dinner planned in one of the suites for tonight. We were celebrating a lot of things and tonight was also Brittany's birthday. 

The birthday girl and her family!

Dinner was delicious but absolutely ginormous. I think the chefs thought we wanted a whole serving of everything, when we said we just wanted a little bit of everything (tastes or choices) because we had a very eclectic group of people who don't all like the same things. We ended up with everything for everyone! I paced myself and didn't eat everything, so I was pretty satisfied by the end, but some people were definitely hurting by the end of dinner! 

Do you see that spread?? Holy Moly! I'll just highlight my favorite parts of the meal. If I showed you everything you might fall asleep! 

Crab Cake

Salads - I'm not a fan of Caesar Salad, but the Strawberry Spinach and Cayman Coleslaw were delicious

My dessert! - I opted out of the cake and am so glad I did after hearing how uncomfortable some people were

Happy Birthday Brittany!! 

No, you did not see much meat because for some reason it's just not all that appetizing right now. I enjoyed the smaller, more unique parts of the meal rather than the meat options. I did have a few bites of Ben's steak and it was amazing. Maybe I just like red meat and should start having little pieces of it rather than chicken. Chicken kind of grosses me out! I am always a fan of fish though! 

Our night and dinner was amazing! We shared lots of laughs and obviously tons of good food. There is nothing better than time spent with friends and family! 

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  1. It looks like y'all had a blast! These posts are making me want to go on another tropical vacation!