Tuesday, November 8, 2011

AND We're Back

Back to a semi-normal schedule and back with lots of thanks! While I was out of town for the weekend I did not even touch a computer. I won't lie...it felt good! But now I'm back and full of thankful thoughts and even some fun pics to share!

Like this!

First up was good 'ole Waco. This weekend was Homecoming at Baylor and I was not about to miss a chance to hang out with the ladies! Unfortunately, we only had one night there because of a wedding in Austin Saturday night, but it was still fabulous as always. Have I mentioned I love Baylor? That brings me to my thankful thought for November 4th - Baylor. I am beyond thankful for Baylor and the friends it provided for me throughout the 4 years I was there. There are no words to describe how much I love my Baylor friends and for that I am thankful!

Don't mind my fashionable ensemble...after going to bed around 3 AM, I woke up at 7 AM before the parade to get in a surprisingly fabulous 9.5 mile run. Above is the aftermath. 

After enjoying the best college pararde ever, I headed to Austin with these 2 fellas. Ben had already headed to Austin for an early morning hunt, so we met him there. After an A-MAZING lunch at The Grove in Austin everyone else arrived and we started getting ready for the wedding. 

The wedding was beautiful, but even more beautiful was Austin, TX. I could SO live in that city! Which brings me to November 5th's thankful thought - Austin. Why oh why do I not live in Austin, TX?? What first intrigued me was last weekend's run. I was just running along with my head all in the clouds daydreaming about all of the beautiful houses and scenery I was running past. Now, this weekend I was able to stay at a friend's house who has the most fabulous view of the city. Anyway...I want to live in Austin, TX and I am thankful for how beautiful it is!! Thank you God for your beauty! 

Sunday was a day full of traveling. First, Ben lost his wallet out in Marble Falls where he was hunting, so we had to drive an hour outside of Austin before driving the 3 1/2 hours home. And this brings me to my thankful thought for November 6th - my husband. I have a feeling another day will also be dedicated to him, but I just have to say that I am thankful for his quirks. Although I was a little annoyed at having to drive out of the way, he never fails to make me laugh when this stuff happens. I just have to laugh at how opposite we are and I am thankful we are opposite. If we were both like me we might, no we would kill each other. I am also thankful for the fact that he ALWAYS drives. I literally feel sleepy about 2 minutes after I start driving a long distance and I am so thankful that when we are together I never have to drive. 

I love this man!

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