Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Holy Saturday

Otherwise known as the Saturday before Easter! Did you know it was called Holy Saturday? Me neither...I totally googled "Saturday before Easter" and thought I'd act super smart/theological!

Holy Saturday was another fabulous piece of my Easter weekend. It was a relaxing and refreshing day with a little bit of chaos thrown into the mix. For some reason it seems that Ben and Natalie Clark (yes, I do enjoy third person) can never avoid a little bit of chaos! We're magnets!

After Friday's less than stellar eats, I decided I would start my day off on a healthy foot. I got up and started making Ben's favorite muffins, so he could wake up to a delicious meal on his day off. Then, I put together a delicious bowl of Greek yogurt and fruit for myself. I'm talkin' loads of fruit! Strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, blackberries and cantelope...DE-LICIOUS! As I was just about to pop the muffins into the oven I hear a "you've GOT to be kidding me" coming from the bedroom. Turns out Ben didn't have the day off and was a little late for phone duty. WHOOPS! He rushed out the door and I plopped my behind on the couch for a little Interior Therapy. Please tell me you all love Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos and Zoila just as much as I do!! I really think I should move to California and be a part of their family...them and the cast of New Girl. We would all get along swimmingly!!

How could they not want to be friends with this?!
After letting my breakfast settle, I set out for a 6 mile run. Holy heat on Holy Saturday!! I learned my lesson and will be getting up at the crack of dawn from now until Fall to grind out my runs before the sun beats down on me. I started my run at 11:00 AM and I swear it was like 110º...ok it was only like 78º or something, but same thing! I came back with a major sports bra/spaghetti strap tan.

Ben got home not long after I did and the plan was for me to lay out and help with the headboard project when needed and for him to work on the headboard. This is where chaos ensued...our Home Group leaders just had twin boys, in addition to their four children, and they needed help picking up a new dresser. Since Ben has a truck, he was the perfect volunteer. So while Ben headed to help, I took advantage of that dang sun and laid out all afternoon. 

If only this was our backyard...picture from honeymoon, somehow I took zero pictures on Holy Saturday :(
I headed back inside around 3:00 PM when I felt that I would have a fabulous burn that would turn into a fabulous tan. Always happens on the first layout of the season. Unfortunately, so does a heinous fever blister which I am now suffering from. Why can I not remember this while I'm laying out?! 

I digress. Warning, more chaos to ensue. As I was just about to hop in the shower to get ready for the Easter service with Ben's family and Easter dinner after, I received a call from my co-worker (yes, I only have one). The doctor in our building (which my bosses own) locked himself out of his office with car keys and everything still inside. As me and my co-worker are the only two people who have keys to every office in the building and she lives an hour away and had her entire family at her house I was the lucky individual who got to help him out. 

Like I said, I was just getting in the shower, and had to leave my house by 4:00 PM to get a seat at the Easter service. I called the good doctor and asked if he could wait and he so kindly said yes. I got ready in a whirlwind with all sorts of fans blowing on me while I proceeded to blow dry and straighten my hair and put make-up on while profusely sweating. It was a sight! When Ben walked in the door I said "call your parents we don't need a ride and I need you to be ready in 20 minutes so we can leave." Thankfully, he is a tad bit calmer than I am and got ready right on time, no sweating involved and we headed out the door to help the doctor and pray (it was Holy Saturday) that his parents could save us seats. 

This is the dress I wore but I assure you, I was much more of a hot mess!
I blasted myself with the air conditioner in the car and tended to my mascara addiction while Ben drove to the office and then to church. Once we got to church we had a fabulous surprise - we were sitting next to Tony Romo, Candace Crawford, Chase Crawford and Lauren Scruggs. First of all, I must say that Lauren look fabulous! If you don't know her story, she is the Dallas blogger who was hit by a plane propeller earlier this year and lost her arm and an eye. She looked great! Also, I would have never known that Candance was about to pop that baby out. She looked incredible for being 9 months pregnant! Lord, please bless me with that kind of body when I have a baby! 

Church was fabulous and then we headed to Del Frisco's in Dallas for an Easter dinner with the Clarks. Ben doesn't have much family, especially in the area and we obviously have no kids yet, so we celebrate on Saturday night with his family and Sunday with mine. Dinner was amazing! I had the Ahi Tuna with brussel sprouts, I highly recommend. Mine wasn't rare enough, but I know I would have loved it even more if it was a little pinker. Anyway, Holy Saturday ended up being a whole lot of fun! 

The chaos of the Clarks!! 

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