Friday, April 20, 2012

420 Workout

How appropriate for today?!?! No, this is not a workout you do whilst high as a kite. Sorry to disappoint. Anyone already over the twitter and facebook updates pertaining to 4-20? My hand is raised! Anyway, this workout is a doozy! I got up at the crack of dawn last week and completed this before work. I literally thought I might pass out a couple times, but I could not have felt more amazing after it was finished. It's a Bodyrock workout in the February Challenge. I am absolutely obsessed with Bodyrock these days. My muscle tone has really changed with these workouts and I am 10X more comfortable in my skin without having lost weight. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

This is what my workout looked like:
20 minutes on the elliptical
3 rounds of 20 reps each:
  1. Bunny Hop Push Up with Leg Raise 
  2. Push Ups (substituted for pull ups b/c I like to stay in one place during circuit)
  3. Surfer Kick Outs with (2) Jacks 
  4. Sumo Rear Out 
  5. Plank Drunk Chicken 
  6. Sumo Squats 
  7. Jump Squat with (2) Low Squats
I definitely have a love hate relationship with this workout. If you go to this page, you'll find a video with all of the demonstrations. Have fun on 4-20!!

Me after the workout


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