Thursday, April 26, 2012

Walkin' on Sunshine

It's getting a little toasty in Texas, but I have absolutely loved the past few sunny days! Sitting at a desk all day is not my favorite thing. I get pretty stir crazy and stand a lot of times at the file cabinet in front of my desk with my laptop propped on the third cabinet. It's a little rough, but it works for me. 

In order to appease my restless legs, I have been taking walks on my lunch break the past couple of days and it is GLORIOUS! On Monday I walked the mile to and from the library to pick up a new book. I didn't have a reason to roam the library on Tuesday, so I walked a little over a mile to Sonic, parked myself at one of their outdoor tables and enjoyed my new book before walking the mile back to work. It feels so much better to get out during the day! 

I finished my other book, Rumor Has It, on Sunday and was dying to pick up another book by the same author. For some reason I am really drawn to books that take place in England or Ireland and Rumor Has It was no exception. I loved the author's voice and all of the characters. I was really excited to start another of Jill's (first name basis) books this week. She makes my elliptical sessions fly by! 

Only a few chapters in and loving this one too!
Temperatures are starting to heat up, but it's a good thing I can wear my workout clothes to work. I don't always take advantage of this, but I might now that I have found a new lunchtime hobby! Check out the temps on Tuesday! I would be one happy girl if my life consisted of spending my days outside, working out, playing sports and being around people all day. 

Perfect to spend the day outdoors
In other news, I have a new killer workout for you. The 420 was hard, but the 1000 was even more challenging for me. For the first time EVER, I called in sick on Friday to work. I thought I might have strep, but it turns out I either just have a sever cold or some kind of upper respiratory infection (self diagnosis). I still haven't totally kicked it, but I just have a cough now. I had the 1000 planned for Friday, but I just never feel comfortable running or jumping around when my head feels like it might explode. I finally felt up to it on Tuesday when my headaches got better. Again, I got this workout from, my new obsession. I changed the order up a bit to incorporate the 500 high knees instead of leaving them all to the end. Here's my breakdown: 

-200 High Knees 
- 50 Burpees 
- 50 High Knees 
- 50 Weight Drop + Burpee Tuck Jump 
- 50 Scissor Lunges 
- 50 Bosu Knee Tucks 
- 50 Star Jacks 
- 50 Lunge & Kick, left 
- 50 Tuck Jumps 
- 50 Lunch & Kick, R 
- 50 Straight Abs 
- 300 High Knees 

I don't know about you, but 50 burpees and tuck jumps in a row did not seem possible to me, so I broke everything other than the high knees up into 25 and repeated the circuit twice. Then, I completed this thighs and glute bonus: 

- Bridge & Squeeze, knees apart 
- Bridge & Squeeze, knees together 
- Bridge & Squeeze, combo 
- Fire Hydrant Kick, left 
- Fire Hydrant Kick, right 
- Straight Back Kick, left 
- Straight Back Kick, right 
- Straight & Cross Back Kick, left 
- Straight & Cross Back Kick, right 
- Side Bent Lift, left 
- Side Bent Lift, right 
- Straight Side Lift, left 
- Straight Side Lift, right 

Holy Moly! My buns were burning after this bonus! I was a sweaty mess after both of these circuits, but I felt amazing. I cannot say enough good things about Bodyrock! I'm hooked! 

Do you workout when you're sick? How do you determine when you're ready to get back in the gym?


  1. I just got a library card, so I can walk there during my lunch break. It's a great way to break up the work day!

  2. I LOVE reading Irish books too. :) Try Julie Lessman's books. It's a series on an Irish good!