Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vail Recap

Although it was over a month ago that we went to Vail, I still miss it. I constantly wonder aloud "why do I live here when everywhere I go is so much prettier?" I can't complain about my life...I love (almost) everything about it, but if there is one thing I could change, it would be the scenery.

Ben's family usually takes their annual trip to the mountains right before Christmas, but this year due to the weather and a business trip his dad had planned in February, we left February 28th. It ended up being perfect timing. We were on the mountains for the 2 best ski days of the year according to the locals!

Notice the very small patch of skin on my face...it was FREEZING!! 

We left on the 28th around 4:00 PM and started the drive to Vail, CO. We spend the night in Dumas, TX (holy small town) and woke up the next morning to make it to Vail around 4:00 PM. Well, I guess we really made it to Breckinridge around then. Ben's family HAS to stop in Breckinridge every trip and get calzones at this one shop. I'm not a fan of calzones...the grease and all isn't really appetizing to me, so I opted for room service that night. We shopped around in Breckinridge for a while and I got some killer North Face tall boots. I have no idea why I didn't get a picture but they will be out and about next winter for sure! 

Once we made it to the Arrabelle, Ben and I hit the gym before relaxing in the roof top hot tub. I have NO idea how I worked out everyday in the mountains last year. I ran and did a Bodyrock circuit workout and though I just might die on that gym floor. Lets just say that I called my skiiing and walking a workout for the next 3 days. 

When my FIL told me where we were staying I immediately said, "Trista Sutter loves going to their spa!" What do you know...it just so happens we saw Trista there on our last day when after she skiied Pink Vail she had lunch in the lobby. I am one of those people that doesn't what to "bother" celebrities, so I didn't get a picture, but I had tweeted her a few days before asking if she'd be in their tent. Oh yes...she replied not once, but twice and told me I should have said hi when I saw her. So cool!! I will be snapping a pic next time and yes, I do anticipate there will be a next time! 

Our trip consisted of a fair amount of skiing (lots of me crying/complaining about my frozen hands), lots of relaxing, good food, a little shopping and a fabulous 5K Snow Shoe! Oh yes, I cannot forget my favorite part of the trip...a romantic, fun date night with my hubby all by ourselves!! I had a blast on this vacation and cannot wait to hit the slopes again next year! I did ask Ben if when we have kids, could we maybe become Spring Break skiiers?? I seriously think I have a circulation issue in my hands and hate that it puts a damper on one of my favorite activities...skiing! 

Our trip in pictures: 

MAJOR White Out
Skating rink behind us

Date Night! Before we headed to the top of the mountain!
HIS date night dessert
HER date night dessert...Gelato 

Gettin' ready to snow shoe! Don't worry it was only 0° with a windchill of -17°
I'll leave you with this picture because I love it! Just me and my husband enjoying each other's company! 

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