Friday, April 27, 2012


Yesterday morning I received a very intriguing text from my mom that determined my lunch time "walk." 

So I didn't necessarily get the same cardio in as my 2 mile walks the previous days, but I could really feel my heart pumping as I was trying things on. Long shot?? Oh well, I enjoyed walking around our outdoor shopping center. I obviously paid a visit to LOFT to see about some skirts and dresses and then headed over to Francesca's too. 

Dear all of our friends and family, could you please stop getting married and having birthdays because my budget has no room for me to get new clothes?!?! Kidding! I love buying presents for other people, but unfortunately after all I've purchased this month I just couldn't justify buying myself new clothes. In Ben's words, "you have WAY too many clothes anyway." Oh well, I am determined to head back to Francesca's in the near future and buy some things for summer. I mean I do have TONS of weddings and can't wear the same dress twice, right? Right!! 

Here are some of my favorites. Seriously, you should go to Francesca's if you're looking for summer skirts and dresses! There were a few skirts I loved at LOFT, but was mainly obsessed with all of their adorable springy/summery shirts. Just waiting for those to go on SALE. Yes, I am a SALES girl through and through...blame my fabulous mother! 

Love Love Love this skirt! It would be adorable with a simple white tank.
I am all about the neon this season and this skirt is a neon yellow. 
Both above skirts are at LOFT. The following are Francesca's. Pardon the rough hair and photography. Yesterday was a wear your workout clothes to work day for me which also meant naturally wavy/curly hair and I threw it up for the pics. 

Picture doesn't do this dress justice - soft tshirt top (off white and navy) with flowy bottom. 
Wait til you see the back...
Looks better when not at a weird angle, but I love it! 
Is it obvious yet that I love yellow??
Excuse the broken looking left foot
Love this dress for so many different occasions. Obviously needs heels, hence the tip toes.
Perfect summer dress - you can't tell but it's neon orange and the back has a cute little cutout with a neon pink strip. 
If anyone wants to volunteer to take me on a shopping spree, I definitely won't say no! I followed up my dressing room extravaganza by texting Ben and asking if he could work on getting me unlimited funds for shopping. He replied "Sure!" Isn't he the best? I'll keep you updated! 
In other news, Ben left last night for a Bachelor Party weekend (please please please let them be safe) and I am all by my lonesome. Well, I was just for last night, but I am headed to the Big D for the weekend with my family! I am still not feeling 100% and am ecstatic to be with my parents and sisters. Not to mention, I will hopefully partake in some good meals. Left to my own vices, this is what dinner typically looks like when Ben is away. 

This was after a few bites...I could never show you how high I really fill the bowl. That would just be embarrassing! This bowl consisted of sliced strawberries and kiwi with my 2nd favorite cereal (right behind Fruity Pebbles of course) Oh's and Honey Bunches of Oats. This bowl was then followed by a slightly smaller bowl of Oh's, Honey Bunches of Oats and GF Rice Krispies. I am a cereal suicider...I can never just have one cereal in a bowl! 

Have a Happy Weekend!! 

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  1. I always have more than one cereal in my bowl too ;) cute cute clothes!!