Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back At It

After a fabulous weekend away with friends for a wedding, it felt great to get back in the gym yesterday. I snuck in a quick and hilly four miles before we left on Friday, but that was about it for my weekend workouts. Unless you count lifting lots of chairs and tables for wedding set-up. I don't do a very good job of relaxing while we're at home, there's always something that I could be doing, but it was pretty nice to get away and relax for a couple of days.

The wedding was on the lake right outside of Emory, TX. We all stayed at Lake Fork Lodge and absolutely loved it. Friday night was the rehearsal dinner followed by lots of shenanigans and Saturday we woke up, Morgan and I went to the grocery store to hunt down something other than donuts for breakfast, came back and set up the chairs, explored the town a little (the 3 shops), got a pedicure and got ready for the wedding. The last time I got a pedicure was for our wedding...does that tell you anything about how often I relax?

The wedding was simple and beautiful! The reception and more shenanigans followed and Sunday after the drive home, we filled our day with relaxation in the sun and a Mother's Day dinner with Ben's mom and family. I definitely enjoyed the slow, easy pace of the weekend, but was due for a hard workout.

Morgan, me and Amber before the wedding
The groom (Jason) and me
I adore him! 
The setting 

The goal for my trip to the gym was to really push myself. There's nothing wrong with taking a couple days off, but I was ready to feel the burn and really sweat. GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!! I was a hot mess when I left the gym and felt amazing for the rest of the night. It's amazing what a fabulous workout can do! Here's the breakdown: 

10 Minute HIIT Run 
0-1: 6.0 
1-2: 6.5
2-3: 7.0 
3-4: 7.5 
4-5: 8.0 
5-6: 6.5
6-7: 7.0 
7-8: 7.5 
8-9: 8.0
9-10: 8.5
Miles = 1.33 

10 Minute Stairmaster 
0-2: 8.0 with leg lifts 
2-4: 9.0 
4-6: 10.0 
6-8: 11.0 
8-10: 12.0 
Floors Climbed = 56

Bodyrock Circuit 
(50 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 2 rounds)
Push Up + Toe Touch + Burpee 
Pike Jumps 
Alternating Lunge Kick + Tuck Jump 
Push Up + Toe Touch + Burpee 
Pike Jumps 
Plank + 2 Jumps + Weight Drag 
Tuck Abs 
Weighted Straight Abs 
This can all be found on bodyrock.tv 

Bodyrock Sculpt 
(50 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 1 round)
Bicep Curls + Shoulder Press 
Shoulder Press
Around the World 
Upright Row 

20 Minute Elliptical Intervals 
0-2: 7/10
2-4: 8/10
4-6: 10/10
6-8: 8/10
8-10: 10/10
10-12: 8/8, backwards
12-14: 10/10 
14-16: 8/8, backwards 
16-18: 10/10
18-20: 7/10

I think this workout took be about an hour and a half. I'm usually done after an hour, but the extra push was worth it. I'm excited for a healthy week ahead! I plan on pushing myself in the gym everyday because.... WE BOOKED OUR VACATION LAST NIGHT!! Grand Cayman and Punta Cana here we come!! 

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