Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a success! We got lots done and were also able to spend tons of time with friends and family. We started the weekend right by heading to Dallas for a much needed trip to NorthPark. Ben and I can sometimes be major procrastinators and we still had quite a few things to return from Christmas. Yes, you read that right...CHRISTMAS!! Whoops! 

With Brenda and Landon along for the ride, we headed to Dallas after work and first stopped at Fireside Pies. I love this place!!

We somehow majorly scored with only about a 15 minute wait, plus it was a nice enough night to sit on the porch. Doesn't get much better than that! This meal was a major milestone for Ben and me...we SHARED our ENTIRE meal! We started with the salad that was the special for the night and it was only ok. It wasn't much of a salad, more prosciutto with peppers and goat cheese and a little bit of arugula mixed in. Definitely not our favorite, but the pizza made up for it. We got the Balsamic Roasted Chicken Pizza and loved it!

After dinner we hurried over to NorthPark where Ben returned some work pants and talked the manager into letting him return the pants despite the 30 day return policy. We were clearly past that, but he can be pretty convincing! I tend to shy away from arguing, so thankfully, I was able to return a couple shirts without a problem. Plus, I left with a new pair of wedges from GAP!

It wouldn't be a complete night without ice cream, so in 40-60 mph winds we headed back to Corinth and stopped at Beth Marie's. I tried another new flavor, salty dog - a mix of carmel and sea salt, delicious!!

I woke up Saturday knowing that Ben didn't have to work, but a little unsure of our plans. We talked about doing yard work and house projects, but you never know when he'll get called for a showing or something. I was so excited when he woke up around 10:00 and said, "are you ready to go to Lowe's?" I may be weird, but I love Lowe's and I love a day outside in the yard! 

We pulled weeds until our hand were raw and then we planted lots of flowers. We got about 30% of what we need to do to our yard done, but we are making progress and I love it already. Ben also did more work on our headboard before running out of wood. We will get that done one of these days! 

My adorable sidekick!
There used to be a little porch here and we (Ben) tore it out and we planted those bushes. Next, we will put chairs there!

Too bad you can't see my awesome tan looks like I'm always wearing a tank top!

One Z on, one more to go! Then, only staining is left!

We ended our grueling day with a fabulous dinner at Green House in Denton. Ben's dad was out of town and I wanted his mom to see our flowers, so we invited them to dinner and had a great time. Dinner was followed by an immediate flop on the couch, followed by a flop into bed. We were exhausted! 

I woke up early Sunday to enjoy a wonderful 4 mile run. It was pretty humid, but the temperatures were cool and the scenery was beautiful. This particular route around our neighborhood is mostly hills. I haven't been running much long distance lately, but I do enjoy shorter, harder runs for some reason. There were about 3 roller coaster rolling hills and 2-3 other uphill climbs. I was drenched! 

The calm before the rolling hills

Hill #1 - I kicked it's butt! 

I had to immediately get started in the kitchen after I walked back in the door. I volunteered to bring dessert to our Home Group BBQ after church and needed to get going. After that it was a quick shower and change before starting a packed day of activities - church, Home Group BBQ, grocery store trip and Graduation Party. 

I made this Mountain Dew Cake and it got rave reviews. It is so so easy and great for something you need to whip up quick. 

The BBQ was a blast! The women mostly sat around talking and adoring all of the kids while the men played corn hole and washers. About an hour after we arrived, our leaders got there with their brand new twin baby boys. They were asleep for a while and then they had to be fed, but afterwards I was first in line to hold them. I held Oliver (his brother is Owen) for the rest of the party and I totally fell in love! 

After a quick trip to the grocery store, we ended the weekend by celebrating a friend's graduation from OSU and headed home to get ready for this crazy week. Bring on next weekend!! 

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