Friday, May 25, 2012

Graduation Party!

I still cannot believe that my little sister, Martie, is graduating in a little over a week! I can vividly remember the day we brought her home from the hospital and all took turns fighting over who got to hold her. My sisters and I had to make a chart when Martie was a baby that would tell us whose day it was to get her out of her crib. It was either get her out of  her crib or get your hair done by mom. Martie was and still is so precious to all of us. 

Where I grew up and went to high school, most senior girls have "teas" to celebrate their graduation. Lets just say that the Berry girls aren't really the "tea" type. When it came time to think about Martie's graduation party, we were super excited with her idea to celebrate! 

Last year my dad became the President of the Grand Prairie Airhogs. Going to the games is probably our families very favorite summer activity! We have always been a baseball family and have a blast at all of the games! Martie mentioned to me and my other sisters that she wanted to have her party at the field. Brilliant!! 

We had dinner in the back restaurant, set up a concession stand with drinks, popcorn, peanuts and cookies for the girls to take home and played a game of softball before dessert. It was one of the most fun nights ever! 

Buckets filled with baseballs and pictures of Martie throughout the years, plus mason jars filled with pom pom flowers 
Host - Katie, me and Christie
Martie and all her friends before changing into softball gear
I love my sisters! 
All the girls with the Grand Prairie Champions trophy! 
I think the best part of throwing Martie's graduation party was just knowing how much fun she had. I saw some of her friends tweet or facebook the next day about how it was the best "tea" they'd ever been to! I'm so glad that she was able to have a fabulous night before graduating with all of her best friends! 

I won't lie, I thoroughly enjoyed getting back on the softball field too! I got to bat once and hit a triple! After the game was over and all the girls went back to the restaurant for cake, Ben and I stayed on the field and he hit to me while I took infield. I started out at my usual position, short stop, but eventually moved to left field to let Ben rip a few to the outfield. I miss softball so much! 

Any night that I get to spend with my sisters, our husbands, my parents and nieces will always be a good night in my book! I think we're going to go back out for a family softball game next week when my aunt and uncle come in town. Can't wait!! 

Martie and some of the junior girls
She is a mess and definitely loves her uncles, Ben and Taylor

This picture always cracks me up! Katie is holding Charlotte to be in the picture but she did not want to cooperate!
Moments after!
Katie and her girls

There is no one like sisters! I hope everyone has a fabulous Memorial Day weekend. If you can, add a baseball game to your always seems to brighten this families plans!!

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