Monday, May 7, 2012

Smoothie Heaven

Just dropping in before I recap the weekend for you. I have some news that is imperative for you to hear/read!! Something so delicious that you would be absolutely CRAZY not to drop what you're doing and go grab one of these immediately!

Smoothie Heaven!
This my friends is what brings joy to my life one Wednesday a month! My LA Fitness finally filled the cafe spot with this NrGize smoothie shop. I don't usually like to buy smoothies because I am perfectly capable and enjoy making smoothies at home for a fraction of the price, but about a month ago I stopped by and grabbed the Peanut Butter Cup smoothie and was hooked. 

Our church has something called Elder Led Prayer the first Sunday of every month and our Home Group always tries to participate. All other Wednesdays, our Home Group meets at 6:30 PM and whoever is hosting provides dinner, so I never have to think about dinner while rushing out of the gym. First Wednesdays though, start at 7:00 PM and we are on our own for dinner. I take this opportunity to get in a little extra time at the gym and now utilize NrGize Cafe. This smoothie may not be the healthiest thing I could put into my body, but it is definitely good for me and absolutely delicious. It is on the "meal replacer" list and has about 530 calories with 47g of protein. Not bad if you ask me! 

Moral of the have GOT to try one of these! I have to consciously pace myself not to slurp the entire thing down in 2 seconds! YUMMMMM!!!

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